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BMX Bikes

BMX is near and dear to our hearts here at Busytown. We got our start riding BMX many many years ago. We learned a lot of hard lessons riding, building ramps, and going to contests. We'll always support the BMX scene because it's such an important part of our own history. Stop in and we'll even bust out our own freestyle bike for a quick session in the parking lot if you want.

Busytown Bikes carries BMX bikes from Kink, Stolen and Subrosa. Our stock varies and we often order custom bikes for more discerning customers. Let us know if you don't see what you want - we can get it.

We also have a great stock of parts in a wide variety of colors. We love to help folks customize their bikes.

Of course we know you can order just about anything online but when you buy from us you get experience and knowledge that you won't get from an online shop. Online people are happy to let you order whatever you want even if it won't necessarily work on your bike or if it's the wrong threading, etc. That won't happen with us - we have a deep and extensive knowledge of BMX bikes that you won't find in many shops. We support what we sell and if you have a problem, you come right to us and we'll sort it out for you.

  • 2016 Kink Carve 16" ($279) One for the little guys. A solid bike for 5-8 year olds that want to tear it up. Note: for smaller children we can make reccomendations

  • 2016 Hoffman Imprint ($200) This is an 18" wheel bike - perfect for 6-8 year olds that aren't quite ready for a full 20" wheel bike.

  • 2016 Hoffman Immersion ($279) Hoffman's entry level 20" bmx bike. A solid ride for getting your feet wet in the world of BMX.

  • 2016 Hoffman Seeker ($309) The Seeker is Hoffman's next model up. It has a mid sealed bottom bracket.

  • 2016 Hoffman Crucible ($349) The Crucible moves up to a Tri-Moly frame and chrome-moly fork. It's a great bike and the perfect way to bring your skills up to the next level.

  • 2016 Kink Curb ($279) A solid entry level BMX bike, the Curb will get you started with basic BMX riding.

  • 2015 Kink Launch ($309) A step up from the Curb, the Launch features a 4130 Chromoly fork and a sealed bottom bracket. The Launch will let you launch to new heights at the local parks and tear up the streets.

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